Why It’s So Hard To Go Shopping

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When I speak about the importance of women becoming savvy shoppers, feelings of Lrg_WomenShoppingfrustration always rise to the surface. The emotional reactions of some of the women in the audience is no surprise to me. There are reasons why these women say they don’t have time to shop and don’t want to shop, even though it has to be done. Sadly, some of you have simply given up, and that is the most troubling and costly reaction to a challenge that is totally manageable.

Let’s review the most common reasons why women struggle with this important necessity:

1. I don’t know where to shop!

I hear this one the most. Let’s add “I don’t have time to shop” to this one while we’re at it. You do not know where to buy the clothes that work for your body. And therefore, shopping can be a very time consuming activity. These are legitimate concerns, but ones that can be easily overcome. Having said that, finding the perfect shops will require your understanding of exactly what styles work for your awesome body. Once you are equipped with this valuable knowledge, finding time to shop at the ideal places is a breeze. There are abundant choices!

2.  I can’t find styles that work for my body!

A frustrating situation to say the least, and one that will definitely make your shopping experience less than rewarding. In fact, it can feel nearly impossible, but this too can be resolved. Most of us fit into one of the body shape categories that you’re probably familiar with: the rectangle, hourglass, round, triangle, and inverted triangle. Each of these typical body shapes has great clothing designs and patterns that work for them. The problem is, many of you don’t know how to correctly identify your body shape. As if this isn’t challenging enough, you may not fit perfectly into just one of the categories I mentioned above. Moreover, these categories don’t take into consideration your height, bone structure, personality and other factors that play an important role in identifying your ideal style. This is a big one for sure!

3.  I totally hate to shop!

I hear this from so many women and even some of my clients expressed this sentiment before we started working together. Truthfully, most of you don’t really hate to shop. You hate the feelings you experience when you attempt to shop and cannot find the clothes you desire and need. The clothes that make you look and feel attractive! The clothes that work for your body and your budget. I understand how this can make anyone dislike the very notion of shopping. However, given the right tools and skills you will become a savvy shopper with a new perspective and totally enjoy your shopping trips, I promise!

4.  I have no idea what colors look best on me!

This is the issue many women really don’t understand. Color is significant when it comes to style and shopping. If you don’t know your color key, you may be spending your hard earned money on really bad purchases. And as you may already know, you cannot rely on the good intentions of family members and friends for sound color advice. You are not your sister, your mom, nor your very best friend. What may work for them, does not necessarily work for you, and vice versa. Knowing your color key will enhance your facial features, maximize your wardrobe dollars, heighten your level of image confidence and attract success. Not knowing your color key results in wasteful spending, buyer’s remorse and a closet filled with pieces that don’t get worn. You need to know what colors look great on you!

5.  I don’t have an eye for fashion!

This may very well be true. But you still need to know how to shop and where to find clothes that work for your body and lifestyle. You can’t give up! Whether you are currently in the workforce, own your business, retired and traveling, or spending your days gardening in the backyard, clothes are an important commodity that we simply cannot live without. Unless you happen to live in a nudest community. And even then you will have to venture out into my world occasionally, and you will need to wear clothes!

All of the above concerns are legitimate and worthy of acknowledgement. All of the above concerns can be very frustrating and make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Your body is imperfect. My body is imperfect. Indeed every body is imperfect. That isn’t the problem. The problem is not knowing what you don’t know. That is no longer your problem. You now know that there are solutions to each of the shopping challenges identified above.

As an image expert with more than 20 years of expertise, I know how to perform the color and body and style analyses needed to identify your color key and the designs that work perfectly for your body. I know how to help you identify and define your personality style and your brand—which is also important. Finally, I am able to help you create a great image with a wardrobe that’s perfect for you. I even equip you with the style tools you need to ensure your shopping experience is successful and fun!

If you’re tired of being frustrated about your appearance, and you are ready to learn how to create a stylish wardrobe that reflects the very best of your personality, profession and lifestyle, contact me now and let’s get started. I would love to help you!



A Great Hairstyle Is Priceless

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A great hair style definitely puts the finishing touch on your personal image. Your hair 52d8848e-786b-4939-a074-4bc7ec823f43style says a great deal about your lifestyle too.

Thinking about getting a new ‘do? Remember, face shape isn’t the only thing you’ll want to consider. Do you want to play up your eyes? What about the texture of your hair? Are you petite or statuesque? These are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider when you are selecting a new style.

Finally, invest in a reputable professional, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you let them know what you want, before they get started.

Want to know how you can enhance your professional image and style? Contact me today!   

A Valentine’s Day Dress For Every Body!

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Valentines Day is fast approaching and if you’re like many women, you’re shopping 27789177-7c66-4f1d-b0d5-7b8bce1f92acfor just the right outfit. Here are a few easy style tips to help you make your selection!

Rectangle - Dress #6 is a great choice for this body shape as the design creates a waist and curves.

Round - Dress #1 is a great style if you have an apple or round body shape.  The flowing silhouette is most attractive. 

Hourglass - Dress #2 and #3 are both nice options that show off the hourglass curves.

Triangle - Dress #4 and #5 can work for a triangle shape, as it’s fitted on top with a fuller skirt bottom.

Diamond - Dress #1 also works for this shape and is quite flattering.

Inverted Triangle - Dress #3 and #6 are great choices for the fuller busted woman.

Want to know more about the styles that work for your body? Contact me today!


Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

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For many, Thanksgiving means sharing a big turkey dinner with family and friends!698

Want to enjoy your holiday feast without worry? Here are a few simple style tips to follow so you can have your cake and eat it too!

Let’s begin with looser clothing because that works best for big dinners. You can wear a stylish shift dress or a skirt with stretch at the waistline. Wool slacks will work nicely but denim is not a good choice. And since you’ll be sitting most of the time you can totally rock your favorite heels!

Accessorize your holiday look with a great pair of earrings, a small handbag that will hold your essentials and a bold lipstick to make your smile shine bright!

Fall’s Most Fabulous & Fun Pieces!

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Great foundation pieces are essential to any smart wardrobe. Savvy shoppers 614know you need these important pieces to set you on a path for success both in and out of the office. Let’s review the list:

The Trench Coat - whether you prefer long or short, a great trench coat is a must have piece for any stylish wardrobe.

A Great Hand Bag - nothing perks up an existing wardrobe faster than a new hand bag in one of the season’s hot new colors!

Stylish Leather Boots - no surprise here! You can choose from tall and sexy to short and sassy designs. You’ll have a variety of fabulous colors and styles to choose from this season.

Accessories That Make You Shine - metals, gemstones, whatever suits your style. A 604new watch or a signature pair of earrings will always add pizzaz to your wardrobe.

Trendy Pieces in the “It” Colors - Trends are important, but remember my words - only incorporate those that work for you! Try adding a few pieces to your wardrobe, say a great new scarf in the season’s hot new shade we’re calling “brandy,” or maybe an awesome jacket in tangerine or a new skirt suit in dove gray.